Mackinders Upsweep by Hikers Arena

Mackinders Upsweep

A Short Story About Mackinders Upsweep: In your quest for Mt. Kenya, Mackinders Upsweep gives the closest experience. At 4300m ASL, Mackinders Summit has a 595m elevation difference with point Lenana, our ultimate goal for these preparatory hikes. The hike starts at Met Station at 3048m ASL and moves through a thicket region before you

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Seven Ponds Hike

The Seven Ponds hike explores the Northern Aberdare moorland region between the steep Table Mountain and Rurimeria. The trail traverses seven scenic and sizeable tarns in the moorland zone, and it is from them that the trail derives its name. The hike is the perfect dash for altitude for anyone looking for a challenge or

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