Private Hike

Hikers Arena offers custom hiking packages for groups on request to cater to everyone’s needs. We understand that a calendar could be inconvenient and consider you. A private hike suits those who cannot fit into our calendar

1.  Groups that Want a Private Hike.

If you’re part of a group that prefers a private hike, we offer custom hiking packages tailored specifically to your group’s needs. These packages are ideal for groups such as family reunions, tourists, or friends’ trips that want a more exclusive experience.

With a private hike, your group will have a dedicated guide and transport, which gives you more flexibility and control over the pace and itinerary. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of destinations and difficulty levels.

2.  Team Building Activities

Team building hikes are a great way to strengthen the bond and communication among team members while enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors. Our team-building hikes are tailored to the specific needs of your group and can include activities such as:

  • Problem-solving and teamwork challenges
  • Leadership exercises
  • Team bonding exercises
  • Group discussion and reflection
  • Goal setting and planning

Our experienced team will lead the group through the hike while also incorporating team-building activities, such as navigation challenges, trust-building exercises, and group decision-making tasks.

The natural environment provides an ideal setting for team building, as it helps to break down barriers and encourages teamwork and communication. The hike will also provide a physical challenge, which can help to build resilience and encourage team members to support one another.

Advantages of a Custom Private Hike

  1. Choice of destination and date. You get to choose the hiking trail and the date you want rather than conforming to our calendar, which may not always fit your group’s needs.
  2. Flexibility: With a private hike, your group will have total control over the pace and itinerary of the hike, allowing you to tailor the experience to your group’s specific needs and preferences.
  3. Exclusive Experience: Private hikes offer a more exclusive experience as your group will not be mixed with other hikers, ensuring a more personalized and intimate experience.
  4. Privacy: With a private hike, your group can have more privacy, which can be especially important for corporate retreats, chamas, or family reunions.
  5. Avoid Crowds: With a private hike, you can avoid crowds and enjoy the natural environment with your group in a more intimate setting.
  6. Customization: We can customize the hike to match your group’s desired difficulty level, length, and location. We can also provide transportation, meals, and camping equipment as per your group’s needs

Contact us to discuss your group’s specific preferences, and we will work with you to create a custom private hike package that meets those needs. You will go to your preferred trail on a day of your choice.

Mount Ololokwe

Mt. Ololokwe Hike & Camping

Mt. Ololokwe Hike & Camping brings yet another blend of your mountain and elevation experience. Set our eyes on the holy mountain; Mt. Ololokwe on the magical Samburu land. This magical mountain lies along the Nanyuki- Marsabit highway; 60 km away from Isiolo town. Grab yourself an opportunity to visit Northern Kenya in a well-customized package just for you and your loved ones or friends.

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Mackinders Hike & Camp

In your quest for Mt. Kenya, Mackinders hike gives the closest experience. You will experience beautiful views of the surrounding from a high elevation and the Batian Peak as you approach Teleki Valley. The altitude at Teleki Valley is tough. However, the experience at this zone when approaching the summit is incomparable. While it gets tiresome, your desire for conquest will push you.

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Lake Ellis Hike & Camp

Lake Ellis is a piece of beauty to savor. It is located at 3455m ASL and is the third largest of Mt. Kenya lakes. Yes, you read that right, Mt Kenya has over 20 lakes and tarns, the largest being Lake Alice. The 28-acre lake has beautiful views and is a popular stopover camping site for Mt Kenya climbers using the Chogoria route.

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