Mount Satima Dragon’s Teeth

Mount Satima Dragon’s Teeth Hike is a beautiful, serene hiking trail in the heart of Aberdares. Standing the tallest in Aberdares, at an altitude of 4001m ASL, it offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and an opportunity to explore the area’s unique flora and fauna. From the lively lobelia to the best of rocks, this trail gets the heart of hikers worldwide who immerse in its grandeur.
The trail is inside the Shamata Gate (Ndiara) after a forest region that leads to the Twin Rocks Picnic Site (starting point). From this point, you hit the gentle trail to the road end that leads to the barrier to the hidden grandeur for a first ascent. Moments later, all the hidden treasures of the hike are open, and you can’t help but be in the moment as you capture all the views you can. From the bogs, and past the bogs to the Nipple (we also don’t know who decided it looks like one) and to the famous Dragon’s Teeth, the trail is a home to revisit. The trail takes two more ascents from the Dragon’s Teeth to Ol Doinyo Lesatima Peak. This trail is suitable for fit beginners, mid-level, and experienced adventurers.
Whether chasing resilience or an exciting adventure, Satima Hike is a perfect destination.

Mount Satima Dragon’s Teeth Stats

Approximate distance: 16km

Approximate time: 8 hrs

Maximum Elevation: 4001m

Difficulty: Gently Tough

What to Wear During Mount Satima Dragon’s Teeth

  1. Fleece Marvin/hat or a baseball cap.
  2. Proper hiking clothes (polyester t-shirt, wind jacket, hiking pants, fleece jacket).
  3. Comfortable hiking boots (should be at least one size bigger than your standard shoe size).
  4. Raincoat/Poncho
  5. Sunscreen.

In Mount Satima Dragon’s Teeth Backpack, Have

At least 2 liters of water (use a water bladder or a reusable bottle). Disposable plastic bottles are not allowed inside parks.

  1. Snacks such as biscuits, nuts, fruits, crisps, etc.
  2. A valid identification document.
  3. A hiking pole.
  4. A raincoat/poncho.

It is Also Advisable to Have

  1. A set of clothes to change into after the hike (sometimes, the good hiking gear also fails, and weather changes are unexpected; you might also want to change after sweating).

See more details on how to prepare for this hike and the steps to take after the hike to ease the after-hike effects here.


  • East Africa Community Citizens/Kenyan Residents (EA)- Kes. 4350
  • Rest of Africa Citizens (RA)- Kes. 8250
  • International Visitors (IV)- Kes.12450

See what the tickets mean and what they include here.

Booking Mount Satima Dragon’s Teeth

Reserve a slot by paying at least Kes.2500 to M-Pesa Buy Goods Till number 9754473 (Hikers Arena Limited) and clear the balance before departure. Ticket Cancellation and refund policy applies.


Meeting point: Opposite outside International House Kencom (Nairobi CBD)

  • 4.15 am: Boarding opens
  • 4.30 am: Departure for Twin Rocks picnic site
  • 9.30 am: Arrival at Twin Rocks picnic site
  • 9.45 am: Hike Starts
  • 2.00 pm: Mandatory turn-back time
  • 6.00 pm: Departure for Nairobi

N/B: The departure time back to Nairobi is subject to the day’s team and could be earlier or later than estimated.

Inquiries and Updates

For inquiries and updates, click here. We also recommend you join the Hikers Arena Hiking Community Whatsapp group (Click here to join) to keep up to date with our activities and upcoming events.


Apr 20 2024


The departure time is subject to the day's team and could be earlier or later than estimated.
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