Mount Elgon Koitoboss Peak

Mount Elgon Koitoboss Trek is a hike up the summit of Mount Elgon, which stands at 4222m on the Kenyan side. This beautiful mountain is home to flora and fauna in its region and is the perfect destination for a trek to explore Kenya.

Mount Elgon Koitoboss Trek is done in at least five days if one has to take it slow and go as they capture the views and all the gold offered by the mountain along the long trek to the summit. Considering the distance of the mountain from Nairobi and the need for a more convenient schedule, we will do the mountain on a weekend on an easier and more manageable plan.

The hike starts at the road end and goes through the moorlands to Koitoboss Peak and back, covering a total distance of 20km. On our way back, we will visit some of the historical caves, which have also served animals in the park. Doing the 20km hike in a day makes it the perfect day hike and more convenient since we will rest as we reflect on the journey and the day in the evening before we retire to our tents. We will wake up to breakfast the next morning before returning to Nakuru/Nairobi.

Mount Elgon Koitoboss Trek Stats

Approximate Distance: 20km

Approximate time: 2 days

Elevation: 4222m

Difficulty: Tough (Advancing & Experienced hikers)

What to Wear During Mount Elgon Koitoboss trek

  1. Fleece Marvin/hat or a baseball cap.
  2. Proper hiking clothes (polyester t-shirt, wind jacket, hiking pants, fleece jacket).
  3. Comfortable hiking boots (should be one size bigger than your standard shoe size).
  4. Raincoat/poncho.
  5. Sunscreen

In Mount Elgon Koitoboss Trek Daypack, Have

  1. Snacks such as biscuits, nuts, fruits, crisps, etc.
  2. At least 2 liters of water (use a water bladder or a reusable bottle). Disposable plastic bottles are not allowed inside parks.
  3. Valid identification document.
  4. A head torch.
  5. Hiking pole.

In an Extra Personal Bag, Have

  1. A sleeping bag.
  2. Toiletries, such as wet wipes and tissue.
  3. A set of hiking attire for day 2.
  4. Sandals to wear as you cool your legs in the evening.
  5. Thermal wear (top and pants) to beat the evening cold.
  6. A fleece jacket to beat the cold.
  7. A warm marvin.
  8. A power bank and charging cable to recharge your phone and head torch.

See more details on how to prepare for this hike and the steps to take after the hike to ease the after-hike effects here.


  • East Africa Community Citizens/Kenyan Residents (EA)- Kes. 22400
  • Rest of Africa Citizens (RA)- Kes. 32750
  • International Visitors (IV)- Kes.35200

See what the tickets mean and what they include here.

Booking Mount Elgon Koitoboss Trek

Reserve a slot by paying at least Kes.10,000 to M-Pesa Buy Goods Till number 9754473 (Hikers Arena Limited) by 22nd April and clear the balance before departure. Ticket Cancellation and refund policy applies.

Seven (7) slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Day 1 (Friday, 26th):

Meeting point: Opposite outside International House Kencom (Nairobi CBD)

  • Meeting and departure for Chorlim Gate (have some hours to rest).

Day 2 (Saturday, 27th):

  • 7.30 am: Preps and breakfast.
  • 8.30 am: Pick a transfer vehicle to the road end.
  • 9.20 am: Hike Starts.
  • 2.00 pm: Turn-back time
  • 7.00 pm: Arrival at the campsite

Day 3 (Sunday, 28th):

  • 6.00 am: Wake up, breakfast, and pack for return.
  • 8.00 am: Departure for Nairobi/Nakuru.

Inquiries and Updates

For inquiries and updates, click here. We also recommend you join the Hikers Arena Hiking Community Whatsapp group (Click here to join) to keep up to date with our activities and upcoming events.


Apr 25 - 28 2024


All Day


KES 22,400.00




Hikers Arena
Hikers Arena

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  • Time
    The Departure time back to Nairobi is subject to the day's occurences and the team, thus could be earlier or later than approximated.
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