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Aug 09 2023


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Acclimation to Mount Kilimanjaro is designed to help you adapt gradually to the mountain climate and changing difficulty climbing mountains. Our program is carefully crafted to acclimate hikers to the rigorous high-altitude hiking, observing safety, and exhilarating ascent to Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. With a team of seasoned mountaineers and expert guides, we are committed to providing you with an adventure and experience. You will undertake a series of progressive hikes strategically planned to help your body adjust gradually to the reduced oxygen levels at higher altitudes, minimizing the risk and impact of altitude sickness. The Hikers Arena team is passionate about mountaineering and has been on the mountains sufficiently before. We will be listening and observing you to bring the best results out of you. We prioritize every hiker’s well-being and are safety-sensitive, providing first-aid support and constant monitoring to ensure a secure and worthy experience.

This program will be our Fall Calendar’s program and will elevate you to Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro, offered separately in a similar schedule beginning on September 16, 2023, and ending on December 29, 2023. Book today. Our team is ready to walk you to the mountains. We welcome you to the arena.

Acclimation to Mount Kilimanjaro Calendar

  • September 16 – Mount Longonot View Details
  • September 30 – Table Mountain Aberdares View Details
  • October 14 – Seven Ponds Aberdares View Details
  • October 28 – Rurimeria challenge Aberdares View Details
  • November 11 – The Wandare Trek (Mount Satima Traverse Aberdares) View Details
  • November 25 – Mount Kinangop Aberdares View Details
  • November 30 – Mount Kenya to the Summit (Chogoria- Sirimon Traverse) View Details
  • December 9 – Mackinders Mount Kenya View Details
  • December 23 – Mount Kilimanjaro Machame Ascent View Details

What to Wear and Carry when Acclimating to Mount Kilimanjaro

Each event in the acclimation calendar details the right attire to wear. We have a gear checklist here that provides the right gear when climbing Mount Kenya/Kilimanjaro.


  • Mount Kenya:

  • Citizens/residents- Kes.40000
  • Non-residents- USD680
  • Mount Kilimanjaro:

  • Citizens/residents- Kes.90000
  • Non-residents- USD2000

Readiness Checklist

✅Sit, relax, and imagine. Where your mind is, the feet will reach there.

✅Take exercises at home, near home, or on the hiking trails.

✅Hydrate often. Water is a medicine for metabolism and trustable support when acclimating.

✅Start where you are with what you have. Wear your sports shoes, hike with them where friendly, understand why hiking boots are important, and plan to buy one. This is where it starts.

✅Stock the rest of the hiking gear slowly. By the arrival of the event, you will have all the necessary hiking gear.

✅Keep in touch. We are here to support you.

✅Maintain a positive spirit. Unlearn from what you heard about hiking.

✅Follow our guides. We have been there before and know what is recommended.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If, for any reason, you decide to cancel the ticket, the following applies;

  • At least two weeks before the event: 100% refund.
  • At least one week to the event: 50% refund.
  • Less than a week to the event: No refund.
  • No shows: No refund.

Inquiries and Updates

For inquiries and updates, click here. We also recommend you join the Hikers Arena hiking community WhatsApp group to keep up to date with our activities and upcoming events.



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